The Cannabis Jungle: Rediscovering Hemp

Lise Pratte PhD is a Keynote Speaker and Educator for Cannabis/Hemp Industry. Along with the contribution of 13 industry experts, she cleverly uses a jungle metaphor to facilitate your journey of knowledge about the newly legalized cannabis and hemp industry. 

The Cannabis Jungle: Rediscovering Hemp is a preliminary trust at demystifying the economical and social potential of the cannabis species in the Quebec market as plants that can become a sustainable source of primary material with significantly less environmental impact.

Shrouded with legal suspicion of its hallucinatory properties, cannabis and its cousin hemp has often been overlooked for its potential as a sustainable primary material for many industries such as textile, food and vehicular. It has a potential to replace for example, petroleum-based primary material which is deemed harmful to the environment.

Why now? 

Scientifically, we are only just now technically able and ready to take this species of plant that our forefathers Jacques Cartier and Samuel Champlain had already discovered with its limited uses amongst the indigenous population, to become impetus of our search for a truly sustainable primary material to fuel the next generation of the New Economy.

Lise Pratte and her first-hand knowledge and research aims to not only clarify readers’ curiosity, but provide inspiration to the industry leaders, entrepreneurs and academics to gain a better understanding of the variants of the cannabis  species. Revelation of the historical, technical and legal barriers to entry is delineated in anticipation of its potential to become an important player in sustainable development, fuelling an economy respectful of the environment.

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